White Bean Escarole Soup

Dairy Free Gluten Free meatless for lent Vegan Vegetarian

Tender white beans simmered in a vegetable broth seasoned with fennel, basil and garlic. Finished with a touch of olive oil.


Ingredient Labels for Retail Packing

White Bean Escarole Avery 5163

White Bean Escarole Lent Avery 5163

Meatless for Lent Avery 5160


Vegetable Broth [(water, vegetables (onion, carrot, tomato), salt, dextrose, evaporated cane juice, corn oil, natural flavoring, potato flour, maltodextrin (from corn), citric acid) fennel seed, basil, white pepper, red pepper, thyme], White Beans, Escarole, Onions, Olive Oil, Garlic


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