Antipasto Salad

Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian

Ready to add your own pasta, vegetables, or deli meat.

This base contains Italian dressing, crescent-cut celery, red and green pepper strips, sliced olives, onions, pepperoncini, diced red peppers, chick peas, herbs, and spices.


Italian dressing (Soybean oil, distilled vinegar, water, salt, garlic, onion, spice, tocopherol (vitamin E), xanthan gum, red bell pepper, natural flavor, oleoresin paprika (for color)) red and green pepper strips (water, sugar,  salt, citric acid, calcium chloride) celery, water, pepperocini (peppers, water, vinegar, salt, acetic acid, citric acid, benzoate of soda, sodium bisulfate, FD & C yellow 5), chick peas (water, salt, disodium EDTA) sliced ripe olives (water, salt, ferrous gluconate), onions, red peppers,  cider vinegar (reduced to 4 % acidity), herbs, spices, sorbic acid and xanthan gum.



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