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Enjoy the taste of homemade without all the work. Mouthwatering salads, entrées, desserts, and side dishes all carefully prepared the old-fashioned way, using only the highest quality ingredients. Delicious by design!

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  • Tuna_Salad_1
    Simply delicious… chunk Yellowfin tuna, diced celery, creamy mayonnaise, and special seasonings. Layer between slices of your favorite bread or on top of a bed of greens for a quick, tasty lunch. Made with “All Natural” ingredients
  • Chef_Potato_Egg_1
    Diced white potatoes mixed with chopped hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise complemented with diced onions, celery, and shredded carrots. Made with “All Natural” ingredients
  • Confetti_Cous_Cous_1
    Israeli Cous Cous mixed with a combination of red and green bell peppers, edamame beans, corn, celery, and red onions in a lemon and oil dressing. Made with “All Natural” ingredients
  • Edamame_Salad-26_small
    Edamame soybeans with corn, black beans, and garbanzo beans enhanced with red peppers, basil oil, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, vinegar, scallions, sugar, garlic salt, and spices.
  • Olive_Salad-28
    Pitted whole green olives, black olives, pepperoncini, diced red peppers, sliced carrots, and diced white onions mixed in a blend of Italian dressing and herbs.